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Hello, I'm RainyLofi - Based in the UK.

Note: This is my roblox-based portfolio which is based around my Roblox work and most personal details have been hidden.

- It's my pleasure to introduce about myself.

I began programming from a young age on Roblox. I was inspired to create games and begin to understand how to write scripts with Lua.

Ever since this, I have been programming on Roblox where I have been able to fulfil my creativity. First, on a game called Script Builder in Roblox where I created many different projects such as tools and weapons as well as admin tabs, eventually moving on to creating my own projects and games outside of Script Builder.

I worked with friends on learning new programming languages such as Python, PHP and Javascript to create products and bots automating processes on Roblox by interacting with its web API. By creating and selling these tools, I expanded my knowledge and experience, eventually learning about databases (and mysql), node.js, how JSON is used and the problems that come with storing large amounts of data with it and etcetera.

  • Date of Birth : 31 August, 2001
  • Work Status : Student/Unemployed
  • Nationality : UK/England
  • Freelance : Available

981.4K+ Roblox Game Plays

Well-versed with Javascript and NodeJS

46.5k+ Personal Roblox Place Visits

7+ Years of Programming

Experience With Databases and PHP

Many Projects and Experience

My Skills


I would say I was pretty well versed in Javascript and have created several projects using it in the past.

Roblox Lua

I consider myself to be outstanding with Roblox Lua and have been well versed in it for 5-6 years.


I have some experience with HTML and libraries such as Bootstrap but have room to learn more.


I have been using PHP for most of my backend web development needs. I know it pretty well.


I do have some experience with Java in University however there is a lot I can improve on with it.

MySQL & Databases

I have experience making relational databases and using MySQL with PHP to create web applications.